Welcome to my blog. I’d like to start by giving a glimpse into what you will find here as we go forward together. As a therapist and holistic life coach, I find myself mulling over so many thoughts in a given day, continually seeking knowledge, and routinely getting asked a wide range of questions on a multitude of topics both in session and out.

I’d like to create a place where we can examine some of those thoughts and topics to achieve a few things. For some, it may be new-found perspective. Others may find validation. Additionally, some may find comfort from having an open forum for further questioning in the hopes of gaining increased insight. I’d like to provide some general psycho-social education, inspiring tidbits of wisdom/ quotes/ affirmations, and touch upon some current trends of discussion in our world today as it relates to our overall health and wellness.

If you have a particular topic or concept you would like me to discuss, please feel free to contact me directly on any of links provided (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email) on this site. Please keep in mind, none of the aforementioned means are entirely secure. Thus, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If your inquiry is addressed on the blog, however, there will be no identifying information provided indicating who may have inspired the post.

I’m looking forward to exploring our world together. One of the perks of being a therapist and holistic life coach are the many things I learn from YOU, so please comment and share. Now, as it goes with all things in life, there are rules. The rules of the road here are quite simple. 1) No question is a dumb question – just ask!, 2) Be respectful of those commenting – sometimes “agree to disagree” and “to each his own” may be the best final response, and 3) Blog does not equal counseling – so be mindful of putting anything out there you would not want others to read. Let’s get going!


Disclaimer: Content of this blog is for information purposes only and not intended as therapy or medical advice.