Dr. Dana C. Avey, MS, MA, DBH, LMFT, BC-TMH, ADS

With two decades of experience working in the field of behavioral health, I am currently practicing as a Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, Oklahoma, Iowa,  Idaho and South Carolina licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) based in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

Presently, I specialize in the treatment of adults – individuals and families – from person-centered, holistic approach.

Implementing a very tailored approach, commonly used therapies include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Schema-Focused Therapy
  • Somatic Therapy

Clinical specialty includes a focus on the following:

  • Mood disorders (Depression, Bipolar Disorder)
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Thought disorders (Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder)
  • Personality Disorders (Borderline Personality, Narcissistic Personality, etc.)
  • General life transitions/ struggles – job change, break-ups, motherhood, etc.
  • Family Conflict Resolution

In addition to being a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), I am also a Board Certified Telemental Health provider (BC-TMH), and AcuDetox Specialist (ADS).

My pronouns are she / her / hers.

My Values

I believe that individuals possess the power to change and evolve.

I believe individuals deserve informed choice and advocacy in being linked with treatment options they prefer.

I believe in research and evidence-based approaches, along with consultations with experts in the field and ongoing training to increase knowledge base.

I believe in being reliable, consistent, and committed while implementing individualized services, recognizing that every individual has their own unique needs and timetable.

I believe in social justice and community action in support of marginalized populations, and this practice is a safe space where violence, racism, and bigotry will not be tolerated.

I believe all individuals are limitless.