Lifestyle medicine is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but it represents a concept about how we live that is intended to be of best benefit to our minds and bodies.  Most of us aim to be healthy in one way or another, and lifestyle medicine brings to focus some specific aspects about the way we live that are indicated to help propel us to existing at our very best, both physically and mentally.  These recommended five basic daily lifestyle patterns are heavily backed by research, as well.

Dose 1:  Eliminate tobacco, street drugs, and/or misuse of prescription medications.
Dose 2:  Consume a predominantly Mediterranean diet; eliminate GMO.
Dose 3:  Be physically active – at least 30 minutes a day.
Dose 4:  Learn new things; exercise your mind in different ways.
Dose 5:  Maintain a healthy and supportive social network (face to face interactions are best!).

Evidence suggests it takes, on the average, around 45 days to establish a new habit.  This means, for many of us, days 1 through 44 are spent very consciously making the choice to do or not do something until eventually it becomes second nature or habit.  So maybe you are already on board with some of the recommended dosages above, but there are some that are going to require active effort.  Know that if you dedicate and commit yourself to making things happen daily, it will eventually become a habit that is ingrained. You will reap the benefits and want to keep going!

Something else to keep in mind… we are more likely to achieve changes that we speak into the universe.  Speak your desired changes aloud.  Tell people of your goals and intended outcomes.  Develop and meditate upon a vision board that depicts your desired changes.  Engage in positive self-talk.  Tell yourself you CAN achieve the things you desire.  Change your thoughts, and you change your life!​