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Positivity Gone Toxic

Toxic positivity is exactly that – being positive to the point of being toxic. It is positivity in excess. Toxic positivity is dismissive and invalidating. Toxic positive says there is no room for anything but feeling good. Toxic positivity denies the organic, human emotional experience that is expansive and ever-changing. To deny our feelings is…

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Get out of the Victim Mindset in 4 Steps

Not a lot of things are 100% true, but here are two known facts: 1) Life is not fair, and 2) People do not act right. Undoubtedly, there are going to be times in life where we feel immensely disappointed by the cards we are dealt and/or by those around us. Disappointment WILL happen. We…

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Lifestyle Medicine in 5 Daily Doses

Lifestyle medicine is not intended to replace traditional medicine, but it represents a concept about how we live that is intended to be of best benefit to our minds and bodies.  Most of us aim to be healthy in one way or another, and lifestyle medicine brings to focus some specific aspects about the way…

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Choline… huh?

Choline. Ever heard of it? Me neither. Until recently. As a result of what I’ve learned, I’d like to share with you. Choline – apparently – is a nutrient deemed essential for brain development.  Who knew? And not only brain development but also cognitive functioning, memory, muscle function, and so much more; something so essential…

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Getting Fulfilled in Your Relationship

Within the context of intimate relationships, couples tend to turn to one another for fulfillment. While needs can also be met independently from within, via employment settings, through friends, family, etc., when in a partnership, couples tend to turn inward and place these needs and expectations upon one another primarily. There are a multitude of…

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You Snooze, You… Gain! Ten Steps for Improved Sleep

One of the biggest struggles I see with clients is the challenge of getting a good night’s rest.  Now, don’t get me wrong, most people that come to me aren’t presenting with lack of sleep as their chief complaint.  However, what we often uncover is that their high stress levels, anxiety, etc. are partially attributed…

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Getting to Know The Narcissist

With absolute certainty, at some point you may have said or heard someone else say, “he’s such a narcissist,” or “she’s so narcissistic.” In the field of psychology, there is such a thing as narcissistic personality disorder, which is diagnosed upon meeting several distinct criteria. The key diagnostic features are as follows: “has a grandiose…

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Challenge Depression by Nurturing Yourself

For those who live with depression, it can be difficult and at times even feel impossible to function. You know the dark, down days will come, and when they hit, the weight is like a ton of bricks. It can become incredibly hard to think and concentrate. Your appetite may leave you. Your sleep patterns…

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Aromatherapy – What’s all the Hype!?

Lots of information can be found these days pertaining to the use of essential oils, via aromatherapy, as a means of addressing mood. So what exactly is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the use of oils from natural sources, such as plants, trees, flowers and herbs, therapeutically for the benefit of emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Most…

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Chronic Pain & Depression

An extremely common issue I’m faced with in the treatment setting is depression, coupled with chronic pain. In my field, we reference these individuals as the co-morbid, meaning there are two or more illnesses occurring within an individual at the same time. This is important to note because often times, treating the issues simultaneously yields…

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